Adolf Hitler’s  Picture Book  2,000 Photos Gallery: The Rise & Fall of  Adolf Hitler Part 2 (of 3) - Gabriel Beck

Adolf Hitler’s Picture Book 2,000 Photos Gallery: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler Part 2 (of 3)

By Gabriel Beck

  • Release Date: 2012-01-22
  • Genre: Europa
  • Size: 45.56 MB

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This picture book is divided into 3 books (because of the size), and includes 2000 photos of Hitler and his Nazis. About 90% of the photos feature Hitler and include over a thousand very rare pictures. The pictures are sorted into various categories, such as Hitler with women, Hitler with children,
Hitler with his Brownshirts, Hitler with his SS, Hitler with his dogs, etc., and each category includes from 6 to
20 pictures. The book is also organized in a sequence which, through historical photos, basically tells the story of the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, from his childhood, to soldier, to NAZI organizer, to politician, then
chancellor, Fuerher, warlord, and the final bitter end with pictures of his bunker and the couch where he shot himself in the head, and the remnants of his skull. One of the last pictures is of Hitler's dog
"Blondie"--she's dead. Hitler poisoned her before he killed himself.   It is said that a "picture says a thousand words", and this picture book, which contains probably less than a dozen sentences, presents Hitler as you may have never seen him before; a man who loves
children and animals and nature and women but who can order the murder of his best friend and
supporters and the mass murder of millions; a man who dreams of a modern world and creates art and plans for magnificent buildings and who then sets the world in flames. This picture book provides the viewer with a unique multi-perspective into the private and public
world of one of the most hated and feared men of all time, and in so doing, captures the essence of Hitler which words alone can't convey. 
Contents Part 2
Adolf Hitler 7
Hitler and Planes 22
Hitler and Trains 29
Happy Hitler - Adolf Laughing and Smirking 45
Hitler Being Hitler: A Medley  of Adolf 60
Hitler Posing 125
Hitler Reading and Writing 166
Hitler at Dinner, Lunch, Hitler Eating 184
Hitler Drinking 195
Hitler Listening 200
Hitler Giving Speeches 221
Nazi Elections: Hitler Runs for President of Germany 242
President Hindenburg Appoints Hitler Chancellor 269
Hitler Becomes Fuerher 288
Hitler’s Adoring Crowds 294
Hitler’s Nazi Salute 311
Nazi Book Burning 344
Hitler NAZI Rallies 349
Hitler “Friends” and NAZI Leadership and Associates 377
Goering 379
Rudolf Hess 405
Goebbels 428