Adolf Hitler  Picture Book  2,000 Photos Gallery: The Rise & Fall of  Adolf Hitler - Gabriel Beck

Adolf Hitler Picture Book 2,000 Photos Gallery: The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler

By Gabriel Beck

  • Release Date: 2012-01-22
  • Genre: Europa
  • Size: 46.9 MB
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This picture book is divided into 3 books (because of the size), and includes 2000 photos of Hitler and his Nazis. About 90% of the photos feature Hitler and include over a thousand very rare pictures. The pictures are sorted into various categories, such as Hitler with women, Hitler with children,
Hitler with his Brownshirts, Hitler with his SS, Hitler with his dogs, etc., and each category includes from 6 to
20 pictures. The book is also organized in a sequence which, through historical photos, basically tells the story of the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler, from his childhood, to soldier, to NAZI organizer, to politician, then
chancellor, Fuerher, warlord, and the final bitter end with pictures of his bunker and the couch where he shot himself in the head, and the remnants of his skull. One of the last pictures is of Hitler's dog
"Blondie"--she's dead. Hitler poisoned her before he killed himself.   It is said that a "picture says a thousand words", and this picture book, which contains probably less than a dozen sentences, presents Hitler as you may have never seen him before; a man who loves
children and animals and nature and women but who can order the murder of his best friend and
supporters and the mass murder of millions; a man who dreams of a modern world and creates art and plans for magnificent buildings and who then sets the world in flames. This picture book provides the viewer with a unique multi-perspective into the private and public
world of one of the most hated and feared men of all time, and in so doing, captures the essence of Hitler which words alone can't convey. 
Adolf Hitler 9
Hitler’s Mother & Father: Klara & Alois 15
Baby Adolf Hitler 20
Hitler the School boy 21
Hitler Family Portrait: Adolf bottom Row 23
Teenaged Hitler’s Best Friend: August Kubizek 23
Teenaged Hitler’s First “Love” (crush): Stefanie Isak 24
Teenaged Adolf Hitler 25
Young Hitler Cheers as WWI is Declared 26
Hitler In German Army WWI 27
Hitler After WWI 36
Hitler and the National Socialist Party: The Early 1920s 41
Hitler Becomes a Mesmerizing Speaker: The Early 1920s 51
Hitler and His Storm Troopers 58
Hitler’s Beer Hall Putch: November 1923 65
Hitler Goes to Prison 74
Hitler Released From Prison 1924. 77
Hitler Publishes Mein Kampf 79
Hitler 1925 81
Hitler Rebuilds the SA and the Nazi Party: 1925-1930 84
Hitler’s Brawling Brownshirts 103
Hitler &  Ernst Roehm: Leader of the Storm Troopers 111
Hitler with NAZI Party Leaders:  Late1920s, Early 1930s 120
Hitler’s Body Language When Giving Speeches 123
Hitler’s Nazi “Blood Flag” 153
Hitler Creates the NAZI SS. 165
Hitler’s Female Admirers: Women Adore Adolf 176
Hitler’s Girlfriend & Niece: Geli 220
Hitler ‘s Drawings of Nude Women & Geli Naked 225
Hitler Girlfriend & Wife: Eva Braun 228
Hitler ‘s Drawings of Dogs 237
Hitler ‘s Dogs 239
Hitler’s Love of Animals 256
Hitler’s Love of Babies 258
Hitler’s Love of Children 261
Hitler Youth: Boys 310
Hitler Youth: Girls 337
Hitler’s Sisters & Brother 344
Hitler and Cars 347

Parts II and III (Continued)