Why Only A Few Succeed - Lufadeju Olusegun

Why Only A Few Succeed

By Lufadeju Olusegun

  • Release Date: 2017-10-11
  • Genre: Självhjälp
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In my quest to understand why a lot of people fail in life and why only a very few truly succeed, I decided years ago to study the lives of notable and successful people of all times, the likes of Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison and many others in this category. I read books written to explain why majority failed in achieving their set goals and dreams, and why only a few (about 3%) get to achieve the things they set out for in life. The book authored by Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich’ and other related books greatly influenced my thoughts in writing this book. I have been a student of Napoleon Hill since 1989, some 28 years of study as at the time of writing this book. I started following the teachings of Bob Proctor, the author of ‘You Are Born Rich’ some six years ago, and his work greatly inspired me in understanding how the sub conscious mind works.

I have failed many times in my life’s journey, but I never gave up on my dreams to be a success in life. Having failed many times, I was drawn to success and to seek for answers that bring successful outcomes in life. I told myself many years ago that I was not going to end my life a failure; I was determined to find the keys to success and make a success of my life. The thoughts I shared in this book are my findings in my search for success and relevance in life.

It does not matter how often you have failed up until this moment. It does not matter the severity of the problems life has tossed at you. It does not matter how far you are from where you wish to be in life. It does matter, what you begin to do from this very moment on.

If you would begin from this moment to put into practice the thoughts and ideas shared in this book, I guarantee that you will progress toward the fulfilment of your greatest dreams in life. I have been a student of the ideas I shared in this book for more than 15 years, and by following and practising the ideas shared in this book, I have seen significant progress and improvement in the quality of my life, and of course, my success stories are just about beginning...

The power to create the life you desire is within you, bestowed on you by your Maker. That power belongs to you right now, I dare that you discover it, develop it and use it to create the very life you desire.

The book has been written in three parts. Part One reveals the role your conscious and subconscious mind play in achieving success or failure in life.

Part Two explains how you can “master your sub conscious mind” so as to get more rewarding results from life.

Part Three explains how you can “apply and make use of the knowledge and power of your subconscious mind” to achieve your objectives and goals in life.