Swedish English Frequency Dictionary II - Intermediate Vocabulary - 2501-5000 Most Used Words & Verbs - J.L. Laide

Swedish English Frequency Dictionary II - Intermediate Vocabulary - 2501-5000 Most Used Words & Verbs

By J.L. Laide

  • Release Date: 2017-05-02
  • Genre: Främmande språk
  • Size: 553.22 KB

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Learn Swedish Fast and Efficient: Learn vocabulary for practical spoken and written Swedish!

This is a follow up of the Swedish English Frequency Dictionary I- Essential Vocabulary. With this book, increase your vocabulary from CEFR A2+ up to CEFR B2+ level.

You will have similar vocabulary as an adult native speaker without higher education. You will be able to express yourself comfortably, and are able to understand 95% of all Swedish text.

This book shows you Swedish vocabulary listed by frequency rank. We subdivided the master frequency list into separate lists.

, e.g. most frequent nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.

The back of the book contains alphabetical listings.

These high frequency Swedish words are a great tool for beginners and intermediate students.

Learn only the most important and most used words & verbs to quickly gain a practical knowledge of spoken and written Swedish.

This book can be used as a stand-alone tool, or in combination with any other language learning program.

How Much Vocabulary Do You Need To Know?

While it’s important to note it’s impossible to pin down these numbers and statistics with 100% accuracy, these are a global average of multiple sources. According to research, this is the amount of vocabulary needed for varying levels of fluency.
250 words: the essential core of a language. Without these words, you cannot construct any sentence.750 words: those that are used every single day by every person who speaks the language.2500 words: those that should enable you to express everything you could possibly want to say, although some creativity might be required.5000 words: the active vocabulary of native speakers without higher education. You will understand 95% of all written texts.10,000 words: the active vocabulary of native speakers with higher education.20,000 words: what you need to recognize passively in order to read, understand, and enjoy a work of literature such as a novel by a notable author.
This book is part of a series. We’ve broken it down into 3 parts.

Swedish English Frequency Dictionary I – Essential Vocabulary (CEFR: A1 to B1)

Swedish English Frequency Dictionary II – Intermediate Vocabulary (CEFR: B1-B2+)

Swedish English Frequency Dictionary III – Advanced Vocabulary (CEFR: B2+ - C1+)

More fun facts on language learning and vocabulary:

• The first 25 words are used in 33% of all everyday writing
• The top 100 words make up 50% of all student and adult writing
• Top 500 words make up around 70% of all everyday text.

It is a rational move to prioritize learning the words that you are likely to use and hear the most.

Frequency dictionaries and word lists are a good starting point, and can produce the quickest results.

The dictionary is divided by part of speech, frequency order and alphabetical order.

Your friends and family will be amazed by how fast you will speak Swedish. Invest in yourself now, and invest in this book.