The End of the Beginning (Broken Soldier Book 4) - Bruce George

The End of the Beginning (Broken Soldier Book 4)

By Bruce George

  • Release Date: 2016-06-18
  • Genre: Science fiction
  • Size: 412.68 KB

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The American and Chinese Presidents were missing and presumably being held by the people behind the attempted world coup. General Mike Hurst knew the Russian President must be behind it, because he was seen everywhere, on TV, the radio and the Internet, claiming to bring a new world order.
He was amazed by the huge numbers of shuttles and fighters headed toward the TSN asteroid, Fort Defiance. Overall, the TSN had enough forces to deal them. But those forces were spread around, in space and on Earth. So, Fort Defiance and the space craft stationed there would be the only available means to prevent the Russians from grabbing the base and the alien hardware housed inside.
On the Earth, the Chinese were about to invade Australia and possibly New Zealand. The Russians had moved forces to Argentina and were preparing to go after England’s alien hardware being built there.
The location of the rogue Senator Kingston had been discovered and Mike was on his way to apprehend him. Kingston was a partner in crime with Russian President Spolnikova. He had been planning this for some time and if Mike couldn’t stop him and Spolnikova, the alien equipment would be taken over by a cabal of miscreants.
If these human enemies succeeded, Mike knew the human race was doomed.